Preventative Eye Care Treatments for “Eye Floaters”

Do you see little dark blobs floating around when you look at a white background?

You are not alone.

I see them all the time, as do most of my patients.

Why do we see them?

Imagine that 80% of your eye is filled with a jello-like substance called the vitreous body.

Over time, as you move around, that jello-like substance gets shaken up and liquifies. According to the article below, 12.5% of the vitreous gel is liquified by age 18.

As the vitreous liquifies, you start to see clumps of vitreous gel floating around inside the eye. And those are what we see as “floaters”.

So what can you do about them?

Well, I could refer you to a surgeon who can surgically remove them or laser them with LFT (Laser Floater Treatment or Vitreolysis). Here is an educational pamphlet on LFT:

Or you can go with the preventative eye care technique and take a dietary supplement that has been proven effective in reducing vitreous floaters without surgery. See article below.

You don’t even need a prescription, you can just get it online from Macuhealth’s website.

I do not get paid by Macuhealth, or any other company, for recommending their products. Mostly because no company has ever offered to pay me for recommending their products. I guess I haven’t reached optometric influencer status yet.

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