Comparing Preventative Eye Care Options for Myopia Awareness Week: Soft vs Hard Contacts

It’s Myopia Awareness Week!

It couldn’t be a more perfect time for me to spread awareness about Myopia Prevention because most of the companies that make contacts for Myopia Prevention just sent me promotional materials for Myopia Awareness Week!

Why haven’t these huge pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson, who make Acuvue Abiliti, Coopervision, who makes MiSight and Paragon CRT lenses, and Euclid, which has evidently sold over 2 million lenses, done more to spread Myopia Awareness?

Why are they sending me their marketing materials when my marketing budget consists of this website that I had to make myself?

Why do I need to raise awareness about the Myopia Pandemic when these companies could be putting a lot more marketing dollars than I have to good use?

I don’t have any of these answers.

But I can help list some of the soft and hard contact lens options for Myopia Prevention.

If you click on the names of the contacts in the black buttons, it will transport you to the company’s websites, which are a lot nicer looking than mine. Those are websites designed by professionals, not an eye doctor clicking random buttons in WordPress trying to figure out how to create 2 columns (which took me way longer than it should have).

Why are there so few Preventative Eye Care contact lenses options (out of the thousands of contact lens options that only correct Myopia but don’t prevent it)?

I don’t have that answer either.

But hopefully, as Myopia Awareness grows, I can add more lenses to this list.

Soft Contacts for Daytime Wear

Hard Contacts for Nighttime Wear

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