Preventative Eye Care Treatment for Blepharitis: BlephEx

I love this video so much I think it deserves it’s own post. It just does such a great job explaining the underlying causes of Blepharitis, which is the medical term for inflammation of your eyelids. Blepharitis is what happens when you don’t practice good lid hygiene (aka clean your eyelids), which results in bacteria and demodex colonizing your eyelids, which results in itching, burning, redness, crusting, watering, dryness, and a bunch of other irritating symptoms in your eyes. BlephEx is a very effective preventative eye care treatment for Blepharitis. The only caveat I have with this BlephEx sponsored video is when it says that cleaning your lids yourself is completely ineffective. While it is true that cleaning your eyelids yourself may not be as effective as in office treatments like BlephEx or Lipiflow or IPL, I still think that cleaning your eyelids is better than not cleaning your eyelids. I always tell patients that cleaning their eyelids can prolong the results of in office treatments by keeping their eyelids clean of bacteria and demodex overgrowth for longer, which prevents all of those aggravating symptoms for longer so they don’t need to come in as often for in office treatments.

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